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Soundbites: Quick business tips for meaningful impact

In our new video series, executives at Dropbox reveal their most powerful advice and insights—one soundbite at a time. Discover simple, effective strategies to build and scale a business, form deep connections with distributed teams, and inspire big, bold ideas.
Illustration of a woman video chatting with four others.
Episode 1

Gear up for growth

What does it take to create products and services people love? Dropbox leaders guide you through questions to better understand your customer, find market fit, and help your business take off.

Illustration of a man behind a coffee counter staring at a clipboard.
Episode 2

Win the flexible work revolution

Learn about the differences between remote and distributed teams, and how to build trust when you’re not rooted to a physical office space. Plus: how core collaboration hours support asynchronous work at Dropbox.

Illustration of a woman sitting outside at a table sipping coffee.
Episode 3

Create meaningful connections, virtually

How do you stay in sync—and social!—when work happens over Zoom, email, and chat? Discover tips for adding human context to your communications, with the bonus of freeing up more time on your calendar.

Illustration of seven men and women on a video call.
Episode 4

Sharpen your remote leadership skills

Walk into your next 1:1 a more effective manager or mentor with these quick tips from our executive leaders. Find out how to build team confidence, and discover why curiosity is critical to leadership.

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Discover a better way to work together.

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