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Dropbox Backup vs. iDrive: One clear winner.

If technology isn’t intuitive, it isn’t useful. So why buy a backup product that’s more work than it’s worth? With Dropbox Backup, you get an easy-to-use solution that’s up and running in a few clicks from a company trusted by more than 700 million registered users worldwide. You get a simple, intuitive solution that does what you want. And you just don’t get that from iDrive.

3 ways Dropbox Backup is better.

  1. It’s easy. With Dropbox Backup, you can quickly back up your files—all in one place and all accessible from anywhere, all the time. And not only is it more straightforward than iDrive, it’s also easier to buy. You get every Dropbox Backup feature with every Dropbox plan, and the only thing that varies is the amount of storage you choose. iDrive offers different backup and recovery features with different plans, so who knows what you’re getting or what you’re paying for?
  2. It’s safe. Dropbox Backup is an automated safety net for your backups—protecting more file types than iDrive in sizes larger than 10 GB, depending on your plan. Backup is always on and always encrypting your files in the cloud, and all you need to do is stop worrying about it. Because if your computer is lost, stolen, fried, or frozen, your files are still safe.
  3. It’s fast. To reiterate: If your computer is toast, your files aren’t. They’re in the cloud, and once you initiate the recovery process, they get restored in their original location with lightning-fast file download speeds. So there’s little waiting, and you can pick up right where you left off. iDrive just doesn’t work that way.
An animation of selecting folders and a file for backup in Dropbox Backup

You shouldn’t have to wait for file recovery.

If you’re waiting for your files, your life and work are on hold. That’s not just frustrating, it can also be costly. Dropbox Backup saves you time and headaches by restoring your files right where you left them.

You don’t have to go get them. You don’t have to resave them one at a time. You don’t have to do anything but move on as if nothing even happened.

And because you can choose which file versions to restore—from the most recent files to earlier or older copies—you can stay in control of your digital life.

A professional working on their laptop whilst outside.
With Dropbox Backup, I don’t have to think about the last time my computer backed itself up. It’s seamless. It gets set up, it has a task to do, and it does its job. I don’t have to think about it.
C. Gage, United States
A professional working from home on a computer.

One secure place, 700 million happy registered users.

Dropbox offers one, centrally located spot to store your files and back up what’s most important on your devices. And that’s what keeps our 700 million registered users comfortable.

They trust Dropbox to be a safe place for their photos, their resumes, their work, and their entire digital lives. We did some research recently, and it shows that:

A majority of Dropbox users surveyed say Dropbox keeps their files more secure than a competitive product, and that Dropbox consumer users see Dropbox as a top leader when it comes to ease of use.

To make it even better, no matter which Dropbox Backup solution you choose, you get other Dropbox functions, like cloud storage and document sharing and handling. Sure, iDrive offers the basic functionality to store, sync, and share your stuff, but Dropbox pioneered this technology and continues to lead. And by getting Backup with a current Dropbox subscription, you’ll also have fewer subscriptions to manage.

A professional working on their desktop computer.
Dropbox Backup has improved my productivity, since I don’t have to spend so much time backing up work to portable hard drives or syncing files to Dropbox. It also made it very easy to transfer all my files when I bought a new computer.
Ekaterina Borschov-Badano, United States
A person viewing files on their laptop.

Dropbox Backup vs. iDrive: A closer look.

Keep your digital self safe with a better backup, so you can quickly and easily recover from whatever life throws your way.


Dropbox Backup

iDrive Personal

Built on a secure and reliable network trusted by 700M+ registered users worldwide



Restore files & folders back in the original location


Windows Only

Includes cloud file storage



Can be added as a part of Dropbox cloud storage subscription



Back up files larger than 10 GB (depending on your plan)



Frequently asked questions

Is there a limit to how much data I can back up with Dropbox Backup or iDrive?

The amount of data you can back up with Dropbox Backup depends on the storage space available in your Dropbox account. The same applies to iDrive: Your storage limit depends on the specific plan you choose.

If you reach your account's storage limit, you may need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan or manage your storage space. With Dropbox, you can easily make the most of your storage space by only backing up and syncing specific files. Although you always choose to back up whole folders or your entire computer when needed.

Can I restore my backups to a different computer with Dropbox Backup or iDrive?

Yes. Dropbox Backup allows you to restore your backups to any computer where you have installed the Dropbox desktop application and signed in to your Dropbox account. 

Similarly, you can transfer files from a backup to any computer using the iDrive application and restore them to their original locations or a new location of your choice.

Is my data secure with Dropbox Backup?

Dropbox takes the security of your data seriously. Any files or content you back up with Dropbox Backup are encrypted—both in transit and at rest—using industry-standard encryption protocols. 

Dropbox also has robust security measures in place to protect your account and files from unauthorized access—whether that’s your personal account, or your work account. So you can rest easy knowing your data and files are backed up safely and securely in the cloud.

Can I access files I’ve backed up with Dropbox Backup from any device?

Absolutely. One of the great advantages of Dropbox Backup is that it works seamlessly with your Dropbox account. Simply sign in to your account and retrieve your files whenever you want, wherever you need them, on whatever device you choose.

Is Dropbox Backup free?

Yes! Even users with a free Basic plan have access to Dropbox Backup straightaway. 

In just a few clicks, you can choose the files and folders you want Backup to keep safe—ready to restore them quickly if the worst happens.

Get peace of mind for your digital life and work

Get Dropbox Backup