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The simplest way to shorten the sales cycle

With prospects all over and salespeople everywhere, how do you bring deals together faster? Dropbox.
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Have a not-so-serious chat about sales workflows

Even though it’s what we’re known for, Dropbox isn’t just about filing, syncing, and sharing. And in this quick, quirky video, you’ll meet Dave Stafford, Dropbox’s biggest fanboy, who’ll tell your team how to collect info from prospects, how to see who’s looking at a proposal and where they’re spending the most time, and how to get an instant eSignature no matter what tool you or your customers are using. It’s a faster way to frictionless workflows.
Get exclusive sales tips from the Global Head of Solutions & Customer Success Team at Dropbox. Learn how Dropbox’s workflow solutions can help streamline your sales team's process.

Keep sales focused on selling

Dropbox keeps work flowing by giving your entire team instant access to what they need—without wasting time jumping from app to app. So your sales force doesn’t have to leave Salesforce to find the right pricing or get a contract signed. And that can close deals up to 80% faster.

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Create exceptional customer experiences

With up-to-date information at their fingertips—always and everywhere—your team can get accurate answers to customer questions in an instant. They can create simple, intuitive, branded experiences that make it easy for customers to stay engaged. And they can see where (and for how long) customers are engaged with agreements, contracts, and other documents.

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Be confident your content and accounts are protected

Dropbox keeps confidential information confidential. So you’ll not only be compliant with corporate restrictions and government regulations regarding things like personal data and electronic invoices, you’ll build a reputation businesses can trust.

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We’re not trying to sell you anything. Sleepless Media can do that.

Does this sound familiar? You’ve got a proposal or work you need a customer or prospect to approve, so you send it as an email attachment. Yep. Then it just disappears into the ether. This is what web-design and development agency, Sleepless Media, was doing until they realized they needed a more scalable way to control the process. Enter Dropbox DocSend, and the ability to see who’s reading a proposal in real time.

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