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Collaborate. Sign. Close. All with Dropbox.

The whole sales deal flow, from prospecting to pitching, comes together seamlessly with Dropbox team plans. Watch each step go by more smoothly – and every team member stay in sync – all the way to the close of the deal.

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Get your entire sales team on the same page

Spec sheets, without the speculation

Your sales reps know the feeling too well – they’re on the road, sifting through attachments for an updated spec sheet. Dropbox eliminates that confusion by organising various file types and syncing info automatically. Authorised users can pull up assets at a moment’s notice, yet rest assured that their files are kept safe.

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Close more deals, faster

Learn how to remove momentum blockers like disorganisation and pesky admin from your sales team’s day, and equip teams with tools that get the deal across the line in less time.

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Smooth selling ahead for the whole team

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Pitch perfect

Dropbox team plans keep pricing, proposals and even people on the same page. Preparing for a pitch in a scattered way becomes a thing of the past.
A user sharing a Dropbox file with the added ‘send and track’ features

Keep tabs on your sheets

It’s not only easy to track updates internally – you also enjoy visibility after file delivery. Know when prospects are peeking at your proposals and follow up as needed.
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The satisfying sign-off

Nothing beats securing a hard-earned sale. Knowing that you can send contracts and get legally binding eSignatures in just a few quick clicks makes the deal extra sweet.

With Dropbox, everyone’s a closer

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