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Tips for project management in video production

Anyone who’s been on a shoot knows it’s chaos. Making movies, adverts or any video project is hard work – and that doesn’t stop once you move into post-production.

Mistakes can mean bloated budgets, lost time and a frustrated team – so it’s crucial to ensure everything runs smoothly. Learn how to manage a video project like a pro with these workflow tips.

Try Dropbox Replay
A videographer and crew member consulting their laptop while filming on location.

With limitless revisions, multiple stakeholders to please, tight deadlines and budgets to stay on top of – it’s fair to say, video projects can be a lot. But they don’t need to be.

With the professional tools and tips we’ll cover in this guide, you’ll have everything you need to:

  • Finish on time
  • Have accurate budget control
  • Meet a client’s expectations
  • Reduce the risk of delays – and unexpected costs
  • Keep resources (people/equipment) productive and available when you need them
  • Coordinate across disconnected teams, from the main client to each crew member
  • Plan for weather delays/equipment failure
  • Enjoy an overall smoother project

Ready to start rolling? First things first, you’ll need the right tools for the job.

What’s the best production management software for video projects?

The two most important tools to ease your management load are Replay and Capture, which will have a big impact on your video production project workflow. Why? They solve problems.

Let’s see how.

1. Dropbox Replay

Dropbox Replay is a collaboration tool that lets you provide frame-accurate feedback and mark up video project files, it can integrate with editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve and LumaFusion.

Just imagine you’re in the midst of a project – stressed, right? Well, Replay will untie a lot of knots super easily:

A GIF showing how easy it is to annotate and comment on a video production project with Replay.

Problem: Delayed or non-productive feedback

So many production delays happen because you don’t have the right answer to a question. Late, unclear or imprecise feedback leads to a lot of back and forth and can cause miscommunication.


Solution: Comment on and share review notes of exact timestamps, shots or sequences

Replay lets you give frame-specific feedback or on-screen markups and annotations. Perfect for making sure you get a new shot or cut right. You can add, respond to or view notes in your browser.

Problem: Slow workflows caused by incompatibility with other tools

Keeping feedback and notes visible – and within easy access – as the project progresses is important, but sometimes there’s a disconnect between important production choices and your other tools.


Solution: Keep feedback centralised and bring teams together using Replay

Replay will merge with your existing tools, letting you upload video directly to your video editor while keeping the feedback intact – for seamless streamlining throughout the production cycle.

Problem: Revisiting old cuts, sequences and shots leads to bottlenecks

Going back to an earlier idea, or coming up with a new one, is common in video production – but it can be difficult to flip back and forth, so sometimes people just don’t know what’s going on.


Solution: See past versions, communicate project statuses and push through a blockage

Using Replay, you get instant access to notes on past versions of a video project. You can also easily set deadlines and keep people aware of project status, which fosters better organisation.

So, you can create, manage or respond to feedback and keep production moving using Replay.

Professionals love using Replay to speed up the reviewing and approval process of video projects:

Now with Replay, we can keep feedback centralised and the number of files I need to process to a minimum. Replay’s integration with Adobe Premiere Pro will also make it easy for our post-production team to implement changes. I’m a huge fan.

– Adam Nielson, Creative Director of Branded Experience, Kaleidoscope Pictures

2. Dropbox Capture

Dropbox Capture helps you to quickly communicate complex ideas across teams, with screen recording, webcam capture, voiceover recording, editing and sharing – all within one tool. 

For video producers, this could mean taking a screen recording of your project file in Adobe Premiere Pro, to clearly explain a topic to a team unfamiliar with the software.

A GIF showing a person viewing feedback left on a Capture recording.

Problem: Too slow or difficult to show someone what you’re working on or how it’s going

Feedback can be a slow and frustrating process and – let’s face it – sometimes, it’s simply quicker to do it yourself. Whether it’s a quick edit or how to do something, timescales and efficiency can get out of control and bloat the production budget.


Solution: Using Capture, you can show and explain things clearly – to any part of your team

Capture lets you take a screen recording with mic audio or your camera and send it in a few clicks. If a picture paints a thousand words, a video paints a thousand pictures, so you’ll boost efficiency.

Problem: Difficult to share files across dispersed teams

Large teams might cross international boundaries and have little to do with each other day to day. But they still need to work together! Poor communication between groups confuses people.


Solution: Create custom messages and share them with the right people using Capture

Sending quick, precise updates makes it easier to keep to tight deadlines. Capture enables communication across every stage of the process, and allows for remote feedback approval.

Problem: Unsynchronised project data during the approvals process

What’s worse for delays than thinking you’ve done something right, only to find out you’ve done it wrong? Most of the time you’ll have costly production delays and some very unhappy stakeholders.


Solution: Capture keeps all project notes and requests in one central location

Set deadlines, tag people and keep each stakeholder accountable during the project. Everyone will know what their responsibilities are – and you can sync changes so they are on the same page.

Capture is one of the best tools professionals suggest if you’re looking for a simpler workflow:

With Capture, I can give quick feedback with recordings, which is very helpful and saves a lot of time. It’s easier to get down my thoughts, and people can view them as many times as they need.

– Jonathan Pleska, CEO, Geared Agency

Simply pick a plan that suits you and get your project rolling – compare plans or sign up today.

Freelance video editor? Choosing a Dropbox plan for professionals is a fast track to you everything you need, all under one account.

A videographer consulting their phone during a video production project.

5 tips for better project management in video production

Even with the best tools in your hands, without the right mental tools and attitude, you’ll struggle to bring out your best. Keep these tips in mind for the best chance of success:

  • Set expectations and communicate them early – be clear about what you want from people
  • Make a project plan to use as a roadmap, see ‘How to create a sure-fire project plan’ for help
  • Anticipate risk – awareness of problems (and plans to deal with them) keeps projects moving
  • Be open to feedback – actively request it during production, and be responsive to any queries
  • Test and experiment with tools before your project begins, so everything is set once you start

Use Dropbox for smooth project management in video production

Replay and Capture are game changers for video projects, but there are other ways that Dropbox can help smooth out your video production processes and help with project management:

  • Dropbox Backup: Easily restore important files if something goes wrong, even large video files have total security and easy
  • Dropbox Sign: An excellent way to add legally-binding signatures to a document during the video production process – ideal for clients, crew NDAs and budget sign-offs
  • Dropbox Paper: A versatile document-editing tool that offers an effortless way to take notes, sync documents and do all types of miscellaneous tasks within your Dropbox account

Having so many time-saving features in one place makes it easy to manage your next video production project like a pro.

Project management is a specialist skill – so project management in video production is a niche within a niche. You’ll need the best tools with the right approach for your idea to pan out.

There’s a lot on the line, so give yourself the best chance of success. Dropbox products like Replay and Capture have incredible features for video production, project management – and other work.

Dropbox Replay is an essential tool for collaborative project management in video production. Try it for free and discover how it can enhance your next project.