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4 quick & easy ways to connect over the holidays

Did the holidays sneak up on you this year? Don’t worry, us too! Read on for a few of our favorite ideas to create a memorable digital greeting. It’s a fast, unique, free way to let family, friends, colleagues, and clients know you’re thinking of them.

Every year, the holidays are here before we know it—December is the perfect storm for procrastinators. All the events, activities, and to-dos pile up quickly. And there never seems to be a spare second to catch up. 

Still, we want to send our Season’s Greetings to an ever-growing list of loved ones, colleagues, and clients. This year, save yourself some time and money. Here are a few quick, easy, free ways to create thoughtful digital greetings.

Share your year’s highlights in a digital photo album

Did you get an adorable new pet? Trek to some exotic, far-flung destination? Or accomplish a major goal? Dropbox makes it easy to share the memories you love with the people you love. Create your own best-of photo album and send it to anyone, anywhere in the world, right from the Dropbox app. 

Yearly highlights digital photo slideshow
If you’ve enabled automatic camera uploads, your phone’s photos and videos are already in Dropbox. All you have to do is create a new folder, then drag and drop your favorites from the past year. Best of all? You can skip all the card writing and stamp licking: Share your holiday photo album with everyone on your list in a few clicks, even if they don't use Dropbox.

Give your personal update an extra personal touch

Don your ugliest holiday sweater and take your loved ones on a guided tour of your best-of photo album.

  • Dropbox Capture lets you record yourself and your computer screen at the same time
  • Share stories and behind-the-scenes details as you scroll through your slideshow
  • Create a truly one-of-a-kind digital gift only you can give

Preserve your favorite holiday traditions with doc scan

Everybody loves mom’s famous frosted cookies—and she’s kept the recipe under wraps for decades. But holiday miracles do happen, and when she finally opens the vault, you’ll be ready. With Dropbox doc scanning, you can snap a photo and turn her hand-written recipe into a PDF. Then you can send it to the whole family with a few quick clicks. Or, you can keep mom’s secret safe and sound in your Dropbox, where only you can access it.

Send your Season’s Greetings in style

The yearly update newsletter is a holiday classic. You know the one: That folded, single sheet of paper tucked inside a greeting card. It must take forever to print and fold all those letters. Plus, hand-addressing dozens of envelopes? That’s a lot of time and work—especially if you run out of stamps or printer ink!

This year, build a custom newsletter with photos, videos, and much more in Dropbox Paper. You won’t need to update your address book or make a last-minute dash to the post office. Instead, you can focus on writing something thoughtful and engaging. And the best part about Dropbox Paper is it’s interactive. When you send your newsletter, recipients can reply with comments, emojis, and stickers.

Paper pro tip

Start a new tradition

Paper docs were designed with collaboration in mind—they’re flexible, easy to organize, and simple to use. So why not invite people to join in on the fun? 

  • Create a yearly round robin newsletter to share with family and friends
  • Encourage recipients to share their own updates, wins, or newsworthy events
  • Include prompts to help them get started: Share your favorite photo of the year. What was your biggest accomplishment? What are you most proud of?

Share the memories you love with the ones you love

Download the Dropbox mobile app

It's December already, but there’s still plenty of time to send personal, thoughtful greetings. Let Dropbox be your holiday helper, so you have more time to enjoy all the festivities. Happy holidays!