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Two people watch a webinar about cloud security on a laptop


Security Panel: Making security easy with Dropbox

47% of IT decision makers are investing in security tools over the next 12 months. Find out from the CISOs themselves why they chose Dropbox.

Case study

Ad agency Dentsu securely shares files with global clients

Dropbox makes it easy for global ad agency Dentsu to control access to confidential information, without creating unnecessary friction when sharing files with partners and clients. Discover how Dropbox makes file sharing and access management simple for businesses.

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Customer success story

How 1000heads automates security in the cloud

Creative agency 1000heads combined Dropbox with Bettercloud to automatically detect and lock down potential data breaches. Discover how to automate cloud security with Dropbox. 

Person illustrates on tablet from reference photos
Security basics

Cyber security strategies for solopreneurs and small business owners

Running your own online business also means being your own IT department—which means you’ll likely be the one handling any cyber attacks. Discover seven effective cyber security strategies that can help you protect your business.

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Store content safely

Dropbox security whitepaper

Our tools provide the control and visibility that IT admins need. Get all the details with our security whitepaper.

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Customer success story

BioscienceLA goes further when it can focus on the mission

This non-profit relies on DocSend to securely share external communications with their board of directors and partners.

A man works remotely outside his home while throwing a paper aeroplane