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More action, less distraction

Creating a workspace that cuts out the chaos

What if the powerful technology your employer has paid for proactively made your work week more productive? Imagine the impact a smarter workspace could have across employees and teams if all the content and tools people used for work were in one place and easily accessible. 

Isn’t it time to address the all-too common unproductive work week head-on? Read this ebook to get tips on how to say goodbye to endless chat threads, status updates, and multiple files types shared across siloed teams and say hello to a smarter way of working with the Dropbox smart workspace. 

*On average, employees switch between an average of 35 tools a day to do their job, and spend 20% of their workweek looking for internal information. If you are tired of this endless cycle and are looking for ways for yourself or your team to cut through the chaos and focus on the work that matters most, we encourage you to read this ebook to learn more!

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