CIO Talk: Secure Collaboration in the Digital Workplace

Featuring: Joseph Fuller, Global Head of IT, Deputy

How are you dealing with the tension of enabling greater levels of digital collaboration, whilst balancing the need for a secure and compliant IT environment?

The current new norm has required IT to deliver on a robust set of collaboration tools that allow teams to duck, dive and weave through the ongoing set of challenges – whether they were ready for it or not. And the need to foster collaboration will only increase whether workers are based at home, at work, or anywhere.

In this webinar, we will cover the following essential topics in building a secure and collaborative digital workplace:

  • Manage remote teams, users, and their content, tools, and devices

  • Create workflows to enable your workforce to work the way they want

  • Simplify deployment, team management, and monitoring

  • Ensure data security and compliance

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James Murphy
Solutions Architect, Dropbox APJ

Joseph Fuller
Global Head of IT, Deputy