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Early stage fundraising in uncertain times

Data compiled with decks shared with VCs through DocSend indicates that a pitch deck will only get two minutes and 42 seconds of an investor's time. If you’re thinking that’s not a lot of time, data also shows that time is decreasing. With risk aversion driving VC funding decisions, founders need to sharpen their storytelling and demonstrate traction to instill confidence in VCs and stand out.

To succeed in this hyper-competitive landscape, early stage founders need to rethink their approach to the achilles heel of the entire fundraising journey: the pitch deck.

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Early stage fundraising

A few of our key findings

Pitch deck engagement
The average investor time spent on your deck is two minutes and 42 seconds
Know your competition
VCs spent 88% more time on the competition section
Create a narrative
Flow slides together: Problem; Solution; Why now?