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Business as Unusual - Webinar series

As Covid-19 puts your digital strategy under the most robust testing it’s ever faced, one thing’s become clear: enabling teams to work remotely is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s a business necessity. 

For many, the transition to working from home has gone well - but others are struggling, and it’s having an impact on the wider business. Beyond anything else, how can you respond to the huge challenges posed by the pandemic if your teams aren’t connected/collaborating?

Enabling remote working isn’t new, leaders have had it front-and-centre of their transformation plans for years. But what steps do you need to take if you’re struggling to adapt to the changing circumstances? 

Join us and our guests in a series of webinars, as we explore how leaders in different organisations have approached the transition to remote work and the insights they have gleaned.

Episode 1: Business as Unusual with Moleskine

Available On Demand

Andy Wilson, Industry Principal, Dropbox and Peter Jensen, Chief Brand & Innovation Officer, Moleskine, discuss the challenge of implementing a remote working strategy in the face of a crisis, the key cultural elements that are vital to the success of such a strategy and what this might mean for the future of work.

Episode 2: Business as Unusual with Usborne Publishing

Available On Demand

Andy Wilson, Industry Principal, Dropbox discusses Usborne Publishing’s rapid deployment of Dropbox Business to enable their employees to work from home with the core team that made it possible; Nicola Usborne, MD, Eloise Boon, Business Process & Inventory Director & John Roberts, IT Consultant.

Episode 3: Under the Hood with Dropbox Business

Available On Demand

Take a deep dive into the product features that ensure secure remote work and hear how Dropbox Business has supported customers like University College London and Mazars with their distributed work strategies.