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How to Master Secure Team Collaboration

Webinar: How to Master Secure Team Collaboration

Your company’s sharing content with collaborators all over the world. Are you in control?

Find out in a webinar discussion with:

  • Becky Larkin, Senior Director of Security at Dropbox
  • Sean Lentner, President of Lentner Technology, a Dropbox Partner

Since long before the pandemic—and especially after—protecting the data and content it takes to collaborate has been both critical and incredibly complex. In this webinar, we’ll simplify the security of your shared data by answering:

  • Are your advanced security controls fit for today’s—and tomorrow’s—requirements?
  • How do you onboard and offboard people and give them access to data when they need it, and not when they don’t?
  • How can you get better visibility into who they’re working with inside and outside the company?
  • As employees add content to the cloud, how long does it live there and do you have control over it?
  • How does your solution fit into your broader IT environment?

Unsure of your answers? Watch this webinar to find out.