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For every file worth saving

Your files tell a story—yours. Dropbox is designed for where you’ve been, where you’re going, and what matters most.
Twelve files and folders in Dropbox, which include images, business ideas, and photo albums.

Stories worth telling

From passion projects to community collaborations. Gold-medal dreams to family legacies. Dropbox designs for the people behind every file, the stories they share, and the ideas they bring to life.

Creativity Explored’s library that supported a community of artists

Creativity Explored is a nonprofit that partners with artists who have disabilities. When the pandemic closed their studio, they used Dropbox to help the artists save, showcase, and sell their original work.

Joseph "JD" Green and Glenn Peckman of Creativity Explored hold up a piece of art.

Dominique’s family album that keeps her ancestry alive

When graphic designer Dominique King came across some old and fragile family photos, she used Dropbox to scan and save them for the project of a lifetime—and for generations to come.

Dominique King, a graphic designer, sits on the floor of her room.

Benita’s photos that became a vehicle for social change

Photographer, entrepreneur, and activist Benita Nnachortam believes art can foster change. She uses Dropbox to collaborate, organize, and inspire her movement.

Benita Nnachortam, a Nigerian photographer, entrepreneur, and activist, sits in a field.
Files are shown throughout different Dropbox accounts, showing the value of saving and organizing important and sentimental content.

Dropbox is for all things worth sharing, organizing, saving.

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