Sales & Business Development Everyone’s part of the sales team, even if they’re not

Closing a deal takes more than just the sales team. Keep your extended team of product, marketing, finance and partners fully aligned on what it takes to land that deal.
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  • Discover what Dropbox can do for you:

Your winning pitch—and people—all in one place

Polish the proposal, update your sales forecast, and sign your client agreements. For all the deals worth closing, Dropbox is where your entire sales workflow stays in sync and organized. Play the video below to learn more.

For all the deals worth closing, Dropbox is where your entire sales workflow stays in sync and organized

Make your sales presentation an amazing first impression

You can’t all be in the same room, but you can all be on the same page—working in a shared space, adding individual expertise, and fully fleshing out your sales presentation.

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Keep your extended team aligned and focused

Dropbox works, no matter what you do at work


It doesn’t have to be frustrating. It can, in fact, be consolidated in one place. So everyone on the project—even clients—can share comments that are actually comprehensible.

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Your agency’s work is great, but the reviewing process isn’t. Dropbox lets you see and share comments in one collaborative space, so nothing gets missed, and nothing gets out of hand.

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Sales & Business Development

When every department from engineering to marketing can work as one—and each participant can add genuine value to the process—it gets you closer to the close. 

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IT Managers and Leaders

Help your teams connect and collaborate. Give employees the flexibility to choose their own tools, while keeping your organization’s content secure.

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Project Manager

Completing projects doesn’t have to be so complicated. With Dropbox, all your different team members—with all their different workstyles and all their different apps—all work together. 

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Keep all your company’s updated documents, manuals, and procedures in one easy-to-access place. So every question gets answered, and you don’t have to fret over outdated policies. 

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Team Lead

With a single, central place that’s easy to access, you can put every file in your team’s hands, organize everything they do, and make sure you can all see and share work in real time.

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