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How to plan a wedding during COVID-19 with Dropbox

With things on hold for the time being, it's a great time to prep for your nuptials. And Dropbox is the place to keep all your wedding plans organized.

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Let’s face it: The pandemic has been one unpredictable roller-coaster. “Normal” is pretty weird these days, and everyone's still a little on edge.

That being said, life goes on. And love is definitely not canceled. So if you planned to marry during the pandemic or after, you still can. It may take some creativity, some open mindedness, and some much-needed resilience on your part, but you can still find a great way to say "I do." And if you’re just not ready now, no worries: Dropbox can help you plan, organize, and share everything about your ultimate dream wedding up until the time is right.

Keep your momentum up as you slow things down

Patience has probably never been a bigger virtue than it is right now. If you envisioned a grand splash of a wedding with a big guest list, postponing the most important day of your life can be disappointing. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop planning your wedding. You can create a collaborative and creative space where you can create to-do’s and brainstorm all kinds of fun wedding inspo together—from the dress to the hors d’oeuvres, from the guest list to the playlist.

Document everything and live in the moment

You can certainly schedule your engagement photos—social distancing is actually pretty easy with a skilled photographer. And you can instantly transfer your photos to family and friends using a link. So even if they don’t have a Dropbox account, they can access the link you send from anywhere, on any device.

Enjoy this extra time and space even if it’s not what you planned. You may end up unexpectedly enjoying it. You’ll have the time to pay closer attention to the finer details, rather than rushing to make it all happen. And during that planning time, remember to take pictures. You can save and share every moment you capture with your mobile device with the automatic camera uploads feature. Simply turn on camera uploads once you’ve downloaded the Dropbox mobile app to get started.

Say your vows now, party later

Some couples are opting to marry quietly without any guests other than an officiant, making their vows a private affair that’s safe for now while they plan for a bigger shindig at a later date. Doing it solo can be pretty romantic in its own right. If you wish, you can quickly and easily transfer photos from the day to keep friends and family excited about the festive, in-person celebrations to come. You can also record, store, and share your vows in real time via Zoom, making your wedding safe, easy—and also fun—with breakout rooms that can function as mini virtual guest gatherings. Then save your video to Dropbox so can share it afterwards and never lose track of it.

Forge ahead in a smaller way

Dead set on keeping your original wedding date? You’re going to have to get pretty creative with this but it can be done. Make sure you get all the details with caterers, florists, and photographers in order first.

Keeping track of all these items can be overwhelming, but fear not. Dropbox Family—what better time to start calling yourself a "family"?—can help. It has all the right tools to help you and your spouse-to-be simplify the process in one organized place. Just store all your docs—from contracts to photos to seating arrangements—in your Dropbox folders, scan receipts, and use HelloSign to sign, scan, and upload contracts and keep everything digital and accessible.

Take care of important items and keep vendors informed

Even under normal circumstances, a wedding can make the most organized and confident person a little frazzled. Postponing your wedding could provide temporary relief from planning a major event giving you much needed time to relax, enjoy your significant other, and forget about having to compromise on what you truly want on your wedding day. But what about the vendors you’ve lined up or the guests still up in the air? Let them know as soon as possible. Small businesses especially won’t want to lose a valuable customer during this time so try to work with them to reschedule a time that’s more reasonable for everyone. This is also a perfect time to consolidate your contact list of vendors with whom you’ll want to work when you’re ready to move forward.

Stay connected even when you’re apart

This is just the time to continue connecting with one another, sharing, and inspiring each other to be creative, be caring, and just have fun. Schedule periodic Zoom calls with your wedding party and use Dropbox Paper together to keep sharing ideas—even if it’s just day-in-the-life moments. You can be as directed or as spontaneous as you like. The best part is keeping those human connections alive by staying in touch often.

Keep moving forward

Despite the uncertainty swirling about right now, there's no reason not to keep planning for your special day. With Dropbox Family as your partner, you have all the organizational and collaborative tools you could need to pull it all together. And even if you’re six months or a year or more out, you’ll have everything so beautifully in order, you might be glad you waited after all. There can a silver lining during times like these which might be just the thing to make your wedding that much more special.

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