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How a digital real estate firm uses a smart workplace to stay agile

Exporo is Germany's leading digital real estate investments provider, enabling individuals to acquire shares in real estate projects. While other companies struggled to adapt to the remote work movement, Exporo used Dropbox’s tools like HelloSign and Paper to become stronger than ever.

Collaborate with Dropbox
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Exporo is a free and easy-to-use online marketplace that allows private investors to make any-size investments in real estate projects. Before they started their platform, real estate companies relied on banks for loans or big-money investors to get their projects off the ground. Today, Exporo has grown to have more than 200 employees worldwide.

Planning for rapid growth, Exporo built a digital business model with agile digital workflows that will scale with the company. They believe that businesses that want to react quickly and flexibly have to set up their processes accordingly. That's why a flexible working model, asynchronous hours, and trust in their team members are part of the company's fundamental values—their team's work is more important than where or how it gets done. Exporo uses Dropbox's cloud-based collaboration tools to bring together all the stakeholders and ensure the company's success.

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Linking all internal and external stakeholders on a single platform

Since Exporo has team members and third-party partners around the globe, they need a way to communicate and create from a distance. Dropbox allows seamless collaboration among their internal team members and external partners alike. Shared folders enable employees to set up places where they can organize the elements of their daily work. Then, with Paper, they can work intuitively on a wide range of tasks—from a quick sketch to in-depth project plans. In addition, it allows team members to come together in real-time or asynchronously to collaborate on interactive documents.

Dropbox is our single point of truth when it comes to our corporate documents. From marketing materials to invoices to individual data backups for all our employees, everything is stored centrally in Dropbox.

Sören Krüger, IT Security Officer at Exporo

A smart workplace to overcome common and uncommon challenges

Using Dropbox has enabled the Exporo team to avoid typical business challenges from the outset. For example, something as common as switching to new hardware can become unnecessarily complicated, and data can be lost. Since all files are always available and trackable in the cloud, Exporo can manage everything centrally. “Thanks to well-thought-out features such as version history, many ‘data lives’ have already been saved at Exporo,” says Simon Brunke, CEO of Exporo.

Also, in the real estate world, many documents require legally valid signatures and, when dealing with paper, getting them can slow processes to a halt. Using HelloSign allows Exporo to share digital documents easily. So, getting a signature from someone on the other side of the planet only takes a few clicks. During the COVID-19 pandemic in particular, HelloSign has proved invaluable. Instead of having to stack mountains of folders with agreements and contracts on desks, Exporo can do all of their signature-related work remotely.

An optimal workspace simplifies and improves cooperation with colleagues, instead of complicating it, as unfortunately seems to be the case for many solutions on the market.

Simon Brunke, CEO of Exporo
For many companies, the sudden move to working from home was a huge challenge. But not for Exporo. Instead, they could easily support a distributed working model when it became necessary because the processes were already in place. From now on, it'll be effortless to let employees continue working from home because Dropbox allows them to store and access everything, wherever, whenever.

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