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Dropbox vs. WeTransfer:

In case you want to do more than transfer.

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6 different types of files are dragged and dropped into Dropbox Transfer

Sure, Dropbox lets you transfer large files—plus all sorts of other handy things

Dropbox Transfer lets you easily and securely send large files or collections of files – and confirm delivery. But unlike WeTransfer, Dropbox doesn’t stop there. Instead, we wrap an entire platform around Transfer – designed to simplify all your work, all in one place.

That’s why 600,000 teams count on Dropbox for:

  • Secure file storage and sharing
  • Tagging and automations for effortless organization
  • Simple collaboration with coworkers and clients
  • Easy e-signatures
  • Rich media reviews and approvals

Yes, WeTransfer does exactly what its name implies. But it doesn’t do much else.

Dropbox is the toolbox you need

Dropbox has you covered no matter what you need to work on or how scattered your team might be. And in every case, you can trust Dropbox for:

  • Password protection, link expiration, and download notifications so you can securely control who’s looking at what you sent.
  • Easy access—even if a client doesn’t have an account—so you don’t have to worry about hearing “We can’t open the file.”
  • Customized branding, so every file has your company’s look and feel.

You’re protected from ads. And everything else

WeTransfer relies on third-party advertisers, which means they target you with ads. Dropbox doesn’t work like that. We’re 100% dedicated to providing you with secure sharing, simple storage, quick collaboration, and all our other services—not selling advertising. And, as always, we safeguard your data, users, and devices with multiple layers of protection.

What industries benefit the most from working with Dropbox?

  • Advertising and marketing companies
  • Photography and graphic design studios
  • Architects and construction firms
  • Television and radio broadcasters
  • Podcast and digital audio producers
  • Research teams and universities

A creative thinking about a version control solution for advertising campaign

Dropbox vs. WeTransfer: A Closer Look

Privacy & Security

Dropbox WeTransfer

Will not sell advertising to target users

Yes No
Will not show you ads Yes No
Passwords Yes No
Flexibility & Additional Functionality Dropbox WeTransfer
Works with your favorite tools, all within Dropbox Yes No
Natively integrated e-signature Dropbox Sign No
Photo editing Yes No
Screen recording for quick and easy communication Yes No

Deep Adobe Integration

Dropbox WeTransfer
Offers the Creative Cloud desktop app for easy and secure delivery of final files to clients and vendors directly from your Adobe apps Yes No
Preview and annotate Adobe files (PSD, EPS, AI, and more) without license Yes No
Premier Rush Integration Yes No
Premiere Pro Integration Yes No
After Effects Integration Yes No

Easily and securely deliver large files to anyone with Dropbox Transfer

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