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WeTransfer vs Dropbox Transfer: Why are people switching to Dropbox?

Dropbox pioneered cloud storage and fundamentally transformed how people get work done. We’ve long been a natural partner for remote teams and now we have an even better way to send large files, too. Dropbox Transfer has distinct advantages over WeTransfer, including the ability to send much larger file sizes—up to 250 GB*. We never sell ads so you’re not going to be bothered by any third party advertisers. And—always a plus—Dropbox Transfer is less expensive overall.

The streamlined solution for large file transfers

Dropbox Transfer is a great solution for anyone who needs to create and send large files—freelancers, production companies, music producers, graphic designers, creative and digital agencies, publishers and podcasters, video creators, architects and construction companies, data scientists—and more.

With Dropbox Transfer, you can send files and folders up to 250 GB*, making it an ideal choice whether you’re a freelancer or a mid-size business.

When you send large files to clients, you want them delivered quickly and securely—Dropbox ticks these boxes. Plus, you can send finished work as soon as you’re done just by dragging and dropping files without having to upload them to the cloud first—all within Dropbox.  You don’t have to worry about storage space, permissions, or managing file access. And you can easily send files to anyone, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account themselves.

Computer mouse drags various icons into a file transfer window

Dropbox Transfer protects your privacy and never bugs you with ads 

WeTransfer relies on third party advertisers to keep costs low, which means they target you with ads. Dropbox Transfer doesn’t play that game. We’re 100% dedicated to providing you with a fast, easy, secure file transfer service, not selling advertising. And we protect your privacy and security from beginning to end.
File transfer window shows options to add an expiration date and a password

Dropbox Transfer picks up where WeTransfer left off

Dropbox is much more than a file transfer product; it’s a robust ecosystem that makes it easy to simplify all of your work processes, from storage and file sharing to intuitive, real time collaboration—from wherever you happen to be.
File transfer window shows option to download 5 files from a link that expires in 7 days
We work with video creators all over the world, and we always have to share these massive visual files, some end up on the LED wall of festivals like Coachella or Lollapalooza. Having the ability to send file transfers of that scale is amazing.
Photo of the Future Classic team who use Dropbox File Transfer

Dropbox Transfer vs WeTransfer—let’s break it down


Dropbox WeTransfer

Protect files in transit using TLS (transport layer security)

Yes Yes
Offers 2FA security Yes No
Owns their own data center facilities Yes No
Won’t show you ads Yes No
Data Privacy  
Does NOT sell advertising to target users Yes No
File size

Offers up to 250 GB Transfer*

Yes No
Offers Transfer Extending Capacity to eliminate the need to recompress video or flatten Photoshop files Yes No
Transfer is included as Standard in Paid Plans
Yes Yes
Eliminates the need to buy and ship hard drives Yes No
Works with your favorite tools all within Dropbox Yes No
Offers the Creative Cloud desktop app for easy and secure delivery of final files to clients and vendors right from your Adobe apps Yes No

Which industries benefit most from Dropbox Transfer?

Advertising and Marketing Companies Television and Radio Broadcasters
Photography and Graphic Design Studios
Podcast and Digital Audio Producers
Architects and Construction Firms Research Teams and Universities


Problem: “As a creative agency, I need to send the finished ad to the brand, to the compliance service, and to the broadcaster.”

Solution: Share a finished ad with external parties using Dropbox Transfer to avoid confusion over which version was shared with each of the intended groups. This helps creatives to better manage both the sign-off and delivery processes.

A creative thinking about a version control solution for advertising campaign

Branded Content/Marketing Delivery

Problem: “As a social media content producer I need to send a finalized version of my content to the client. I need to be able to track that they have accessed and downloaded the material as part of my contract fulfillment.”

Solution: Dropbox Transfer enables social media producers to select content from their Dropbox, choose the party to send or deliver to, and then generate a Transfer link. From that point, they’re notified when material has been downloaded and content has been delivered. They can also build a social media calendar with this content and streamline social marketing efforts.

A social media producer uses a mobile device to track content shared with Dropbox Transfer

Showreel Sharing

Problem: “Creatives need to share examples of their work as part of the interview and selection process for new production roles. These showreels can often contain high profile talent and brand campaign examples that need to be sent securely so the information doesn’t leak.”

Solution: Creatives can store, update, and sync their Showreels in their Dropbox folders, making sending it with Dropbox Transfer a snap. There’s no need to re-upload the clip, they can simply add a password and expiration date, select their recipient and send it. 

Production crew films while outdoors, creating Showreels to be sent with Dropbox Transfer
*The maximum file transfer size varies depending on your Dropbox plan. Up to 250GB Transfer is available with the Dropbox Replay Add-On.

See how Dropbox Transfer has more power to deliver.

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