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Dropbox vs. Box: This one is simple.

Collaboration is easier and work gets done faster when you’re working on Dropbox.

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Dropbox makes it easier for internal and external teams to work together—all in one place.

Collaboration is key to creative work, but no one has time for training to make it work. That’s why Dropbox is designed to help companies and their clients save, share, and work together—no matter what type of files, documents, or systems they’re working on. Here’s why more than 600,000 teams use it:

  1. Onboarding is effortless, so adoption is high.
  2. Sharing is straight-forward and secure, so there are no “I can’t open this file” complaints.
  3. Posting feedback is entirely intuitive (even with video, thanks to frame-accurate feedback), so you can review, comment, edit, and deliver the end product all in one place.  
  4. Remote teams can even capture screen recordings in a click to clearly communicate with each other.

Box doesn’t seem to focus on collaboration or simplicity, so teams often need training just to work together.

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What could this look like for you?

After interviewing Dropbox customers and examining their results, Forrester projects an average 1,000-person organization can see:

  • Up to 375% ROI
  • 10% faster team collaboration
  • 90% reduction in redundant work

Source: Forrester Report, The Total Economic Impact of Dropbox

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Storage, syncing, and a little more speed.

The second you start working with larger files, like uploading long-form video over 150GB, Box begins to bog down—syncing even the smallest changes takes too long, as well.

Dropbox is tailored to the needs of large-content creators, so you can upload files as big as 2 TB (even massive CAD files and 4K video) and keep on working. It works with all the tools you work with, like Adobe, and allows you to safely store all your creative content, no matter the format.

“I’ve been with Dropbox for a while, but I always look at the competition and still end up at Dropbox. I’ve tried Box, OneDrive, SharePoint, Creative Cloud Drive, WeTransfer, all the stuff. Dropbox is just way easier. It gives me the least amount of hassle. It’s good out of the box.”
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Speed and security, not one or the other.

If you’ve ever worked with Box, you know it can hold up projects—especially when you’re working with larger files. And because there’s no packaged delivery method or way to leave frame-accurate feedback on video projects (or even edit photos!), teams have to work across different tools, which slows things down even further.

Dropbox allows you, your team, and your clients to make comments on any type of project, speeding up iterations and helping produce the best work. And because it’s real time, you can get done on time.

And even though Box sells itself on security, Dropbox is designed with multiple layers of protection. So you can safeguard your data, users, and devices, even if your team is distributed.

Dropbox vs. Box: A closer look.

  Dropbox Box
Storage and Sync    
Desktop file size upload limit 2 TB 150 GB
Ability to have cloud-only content Yes Yes
Sync small changes to files Yes No
Passwords Yes No
Viewing and Project Collaboration    
Preview 100s of file types Yes Yes
Preview professional audio and video codecs (MXF and professional codecs) Yes No
Large file previews Up to 150 GB* No, only up to 500 MB; Video files are the exception (can be up to 3.5 hours long)
Metadata search Yes Yes
Branded file transfer (up to 250 GB) Yes No
Frame-based commenting for video* Yes* No
Time-based commenting for video and audio* Yes*
Photo editing Yes No
Request files without requiring login Yes Yes
See who viewed each file (and when) Yes Yes
Natively integrated e-signature Dropbox Sign Yes
Screen recording for quick and easy communication Yes No
Deep Adobe Integrations    
Preview and annotate Adobe files (PSD, EPS, AI, and more) without license Yes No
Premier Rush Integration Yes No
Adobe Premiere Pro Integration Yes No
Adobe After Effects Integration Yes No
​​*Available with the Replay Add-on

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