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Dropbox Backup vs. Backblaze: We’ll make this easy.

You need a safe, simple way to manage your digital life, so do what millions of others have done before you: Trust Dropbox. Dropbox Backup builds on that trust by securing the most important things you do in the digital world. And unlike Backblaze, it’s entirely intuitive. So you can easily back up your content and recover it if things go wrong. Let’s see how they compare.

What makes Dropbox Backup better?

  1. It’s a simple experience. With Dropbox Backup, you can get up and running in a few clicks, and you’ll have one, easy place for your computer and external drive backups. And you can access those files from anywhere at any time.
  2. It gives you an automated safety net. Dropbox Backup is always on and always protecting and encrypting your files in the cloud – with little or no effort on your part.
  3. It offers quick recovery. Get your files back fast rather than waiting for a flash drive, then putting each individual file back where it belongs.

And when we say it’s easier than Backblaze, we mean users say it’s easier than Backblaze. You see, we did a little research back in 2021 to compare top-tier backup solutions, and it turns out that the people who use Dropbox Backup agree that it’s easier and more intuitive than Backblaze.

Do you want your files where they belong or in the mail?

Dropbox Backup provides lightning-fast restoration that quickly returns files and folders to their original location. So all you have to do is be grateful.

Backblaze, on the other hand, takes a lot more time:

  • You either need to download all your files on the web, or wait for a USB drive in the mail.
  • Yes, the mail.
  • And once you have it, you have to download those files to your machine and manually move each individual file to its preferred location.

So instead of waiting, worrying and working to physically restore files yourself, you can pick up right where you left off with Dropbox Backup. You can even select which file versions you want to restore — from the most recent to earlier or older copies.

A woman looks at her laptop while she takes notes in a notebook
With Dropbox Backup, I don’t have to think about the last time my computer backed itself up. It’s seamless. It gets set up, it has a task to do and it does its job. I don’t have to think about it doing its job
C. Gage, United States
A person works on their computer at their house

700 million registered users trust Dropbox. Here’s why.

When you buy Backup, you’re getting the secure, reliable, Dropbox brand that’s trusted all over the world. You’re also getting one, safe, centralized place to keep your photos, your resume, your mortgage documents—and now your backups, too—so that every bit of  content that’s vital to your life is in one location. Which is not what you get from Backblaze.

Plus, Dropbox has 700 million registered customers who trust our reputation for reliability. Backblaze is currently only around half a million. And every Dropbox plan includes Dropbox Backup, giving you cloud backup plus all the tools you need to collaborate and stay organized—all in a single subscription. Backblaze is just, well, Backblaze.

A person works on a laptop at a desk with pens, post-its and notebooks on it.
With Dropbox Backup, you have a complete backup of information so if you were to lose it, you have an easy way to get it back and access it all in one spot.
Alex Geller, United States
A person works on their computer at their house

Dropbox Backup vs. Backblaze: A quick comparison

                             Dropbox Backup Backblaze Personal Backup
Built On a Secure and Reliable Network Trusted by 700M+ Users Worldwide Yes No
Restore Files and Folders in Their Original Location Yes No
Store Files (Photos, Videos and More) and Backups All in One Place, Instead of Spread Out Across Subscriptions Yes No
Automated Backups Yes Yes
View Backup Files in High Fidelity on Web and Mobile—Without Downloading Yes No

Get peace of mind for your digital life and work

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