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Bond streamlines their hiring process

This financial technology startup has more than doubled in size year over year. Their team needed a secure way to send and track presentations and assignments with prospective job candidates.
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Bond’s mission is to accelerate the pace of financial innovation and access to capital. Bond makes it easy for businesses to offer compliant financial products by making integration to often-antiquated banks and financial vendors more intuitive. Facing massive growth resulting in the need to rapidly hire, Bond relies on DocSend to securely share information with prospective job candidates during the interview and hiring process.

The Challenge

Prior to DocSend, Brittney Harvey, a Recruiter for Bond, would send out recruiting decks, as well as homework assignments for open roles, to job candidates as email attachments or Google Drive files. In a highly sensitive industry and competitive market, Brittney worried at times about information getting into the wrong hands. This led to a search for a more secure sharing solution for external documents during the hiring process.

The Solution

The team turned to DocSend’s secure document sharing solution to safeguard sensitive presentations and case studies that were sent to candidates during the hiring process.

Controlling access to confidential documents with candidates

Building out the recruiting function at a growing startup is no small task. For Brittney, she wanted to make sure security and ease were top priorities, when sharing information with candidates. During the initial interview process at Bond, Brittney will send an overview deck that shares a bit about the company and the product. Sometimes, candidates could be interviewing with competitors or could be coming from similar industries, so it’s important for these product decks to stay safe and away from the wrong set of eyes.

"It’s great that I can require an email address to view documents. If a DocSend link happens to get in the wrong hands and I see an unknown email address I can quickly delete access to that link."

- Brittney Harvey, Recruiter, Bond
Brittney Harvey

With DocSend, Britney is able to regain security and control of who is accessing company information. “I love the email notifications I get. I can cross-check to ensure candidates who are viewing documents are also listed in our applicant tracking system,” Brittney shared. If there is an update on a document Brittney needs to make after sending, she can easily make the fix one time and it automatically changes the version of the file. Therefore, Brittney knows she is always sending the most up-to-date version of her recruiting material.

Following-up with interested candidates at the right time

With the acceleration of remote work and increased flexibility of options for job-seekers, the hiring market is seeing a boost in applications like never before. For recruiters, following up with interested candidates at the right moment can make an incredible difference. Before using DocSend, Brittney had a difficult time determining which candidates were genuinely interested. With DocSend’s analytics, Brittney receives page-by-page analytics and notifications when someone is viewing a document that she has shared. Brittney can use this information to follow-up at the right moment. The sooner that Brittney can follow-up with a candidate when Bond is top-of-mind, the more likely she is to receive a positive response.

"Honestly the job market is crazy right now. The quicker we are able to move, the quicker we are able to lock in great talent. Having a tool like DocSend is so vital for us to recruit competitively."

- Brittney Harvey, Recruiter, Bond
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Boosting candidate engagement rates by 25% and maintaining a fair hiring process

Once a candidate makes it through the initial recruiter screen, then they typically move on to a take-home assignment for some roles. Previously, Brittney shared the assignment with candidates as a Google document. However, she realized, “I was finding that I couldn’t keep track of who has or has not looked at that document.” Without the ability to track candidate engagement with the assignment, Brittney had a difficult time prioritizing which candidates to follow-up with.

Now with DocSend, Brittney can see if someone has recently spent time looking at the assignment. If someone hasn’t looked at the take-home assignment, Brittney can reach out to them and validate interest in the role. “DocSend has helped us raise the number of people responding to our take-home assignment by 25% because I was able to follow-up at the right moment.”

The added level of protection in DocSend prevents candidates from sharing assignments with others interested in the opening role. Brittney can set link expiration dates, as well as turn off the ability to download the assignment. By preventing the documents from being sent to others, Brittney is able to maintain a fair hiring process for all prospective candidates.

Analytics to help inform conversations with candidates

It can be challenging as a recruiter or as a hiring manager to know exactly how familiar a candidate is with your company, or anticipate what questions they might have, when walking into an interview. Just as a candidate wants to make a positive first impression, employers also want to put their best foot forward during the interview process to secure top talent.

Brittney and hiring managers at Bond are able to walk into each interview feeling prepared, knowing what about the company might interest candidates and where to anticipate questions. For example, before an interview, Brittney might see that a candidate has spent a longer period of time on the culture slide of the recruiting pitch deck, so she knows to emphasize these elements in her conversations with them. “Being able to see what the candidate is most interested in is so important. I’m able to inform other interviewers what areas to push on or what candidates might have questions about,” Brittney shared.

In a constantly fluctuating job market, it can be difficult to know where a candidate stands, especially when there might be other offers on the table. Knowing whether a top candidate is leaning towards signing an offer allows recruiters to know where to spend their time. For Brittney, she’s able to gauge candidate interest in the later stages of the hiring process with DocSend. “I love that I’m able to let hiring managers know the good news when a top candidate who has multiple offers checks out our material again. That means they’re still thinking about us and now might be a good time to give them a call and see if they have any questions.” Brittney uses DocSend as an early indicator to hiring managers of whether a candidate is likely to sign an offer letter.

If I see a candidate has spent a lot of time on a particular part of our recruiting pitch deck, like slides about culture or the technical details of our product, I use this to guide my conversation and decisions like who they should speak with next. The analytics really allow me to provide a more personalized candidate experience.

- Brittney Harvey, Recruiter, Bond

Dropbox securely houses employee documents after onboarding

When new employees start at a company, human resources managers walk them through reviewing and signing many different onboarding documents. It’s crucial that human resources managers can rely on a secure, cloud platform to organize files and onboarding documents.

For Bond, when a new employee joins, human resource managers collect all new onboarding documents using Dropbox. “We use Dropbox to manage our employee documents: offer letters, signed agreements, and pretty much anything you can think of that you’ve signed as an employee.” Bond relies on Dropbox’s secure cloud file sync and storage capabilities to safely house all of their internal documents, so that the organization can effectively focus on their larger goals. “We really like how Dropbox organizes all of your files and how you can easily arrange folders. Our legal team relies on Dropbox to make sure that only the right people are accessing internal documents with password protection.” For a growing business like Bond, security and simplicity are critical for sharing files on-the-go.

At Bond, while recruiters rely on DocSend to safely share sensitive documents with candidates, the human resources team securely stores signed employee contracts in Dropbox. Both products together keep the People team at Bond moving, as they continue to grow and scale.


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