How converting speech to text for videos helps SEO and accessibility

Find out how speech-to-text provider Rev can help you enrich your content and expand your reach through SEO and accessibility.

Jan 28, 2021

These days, most of us spend our days and nights staring at screens of various sizes. With video consumption at an all-time high, content creators continually have to up the ante to get distracted minds to hold still for a little while. But what can creators do to get audiences to tune out the noise and tune in to their content? 

Whether you're a creative professional or a budding influencer looking to turn a side hustle into a career, putting a professional touch on your content is key to boosting your digital clout. Adding captions to audio and video files is one way to grow your business and engage audiences—it’s the perfect marriage between reach and accessibility. 

Leading the charge for captioning is speech-to-text provider Rev. We’ve partnered with Rev as part of our ongoing effort to foster seamless workflows and increase productivity among creatives. Our integration with Rev is just one of the many ways our tools support creative workflows.

We share thousands of customers with Rev across industries like media, education, legal services, and market research. Together, we’re helping creators save time by ordering transcripts, captions, and subtitles for audio or video files directly from Dropbox.

One notable shared customer is the Sundance Film Festival. The Sundance Institute tapped Rev to be the official captions provider for this year’s festival, captioning more than 6,780 minutes of video to make the 2021 festival more accessible than ever before—everything from Q&As to films to awards ceremonies.

From captions for a promotional TikTok video, to transcripts for a podcast, or subtitles to get your keynote in front of global audiences, the ability to add accurate and context-specific text to your content with a 24-hour turnaround lets you deliver polished assets quickly and make sure your message gets through even when the sound is off.

Incorporating Rev into your workflow will help you reach a larger audience and connect with new customers and new collaborators. Rev’s FCC- and ADA-compliant captions can boost engagement with your content, and posting full transcripts also increases distribution by improving SEO rankings. And all of your components will be organized and safely stored in Dropbox.

With the volume of content being produced today, simplifying workflows is key to saving valuable time and so you can focus on what matters most—making great content.

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