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From doodles to digital art

Illustrator Ana Strumpf's drawings cover fashion magazines, drive global ad campaigns, and bring consumer products to life—all with the help of Dropbox.

Ana Strumpf

Illustrator, designer, doodle artist—Ana Strumpf wears a number of creative hats. But it’s the playful style behind the Brazilian artist’s pen that puts her creative work in global demand. And thanks to digital tools that foster creativity and collaboration, her illustrations have made their mark on everything from fashion magazines like Vogue to home decor and surfboards.

While the genesis of Strumpf’s talent has more traditional roots—she learned to draw as a child surrounded by the patterns and colors of her parents' fabric store—the process of sharing her art with clients depends heavily on digital tools that connect her studio in São Paulo with the world.  

After Strumpf finishes a drawing, whether she’s sketching by hand or on her iPad, she relies on her team of assistants and digital designers to convert the art into more versatile, digital graphics in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which can be resized and manipulated to meet her client’s needs. The images are then all stored and organized within project folders in Strumpf’s Dropbox, which she can easily share with clients for feedback. Clients comment on the files directly, helping Strumpf keep track of each stage in the revision and approval process all in one place. Once her client work is approved and ready for delivery, final files are placed in their own folder and clearly marked.

Ana Strumpf

The portability of Dropbox allows Strumpf to act on inspiration whenever and wherever it strikes. “I have Dropbox on my laptop, my iPhone, and my iPad,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll download a file before the weekend, so I can review it while I’m at the beach or in the countryside. It’s good to know that I can reach those files without having to worry about how I’ll access them.”

Being flexible about where she can do her work is especially important for Strumpf, who continues to find inspiration through travel and play. “I love going to urban settings, from New York to Morocco, and taking in each city,” she says. As long as she continues to explore, she says she’s confident that she’ll keep raising the bar for herself creatively.

“I love that my work today takes many forms,” Strumpf says. “What amazes me the most is that I’m doing what I love, and that I keep finding ways—through travel, through my kids, through my surroundings—to evolve.”

Video and story by Citizen Research

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