Dropbox Plus Everything you need is right here

Store your photos, recipes, Google Docs, and personal files together. Finally, there’s a safe place to store all your content and personal data—only in Dropbox.

A place for everything—with space to spare

Safeguard all your content—and your personal data—with 2,000 GB of encrypted cloud storage. Dropbox Plus is the only place to centralize and secure all your important info.

Unlimited access for unlimited devices

Seamlessly sync content between all your devices—even across platforms. Install the Dropbox app on any phone, tablet, or computer to save and access all your files instantly.

Back up your best memories

Dropbox can automatically back up your phone’s camera roll—and your digital camera, too. It’s the easiest way to organize, safeguard, and share all your photos and videos.

Take the work out of paperwork

Digitize and organize your paper documents in a snap. With Dropbox, scanning and saving a receipt, bill, or letter is as easy as taking a photo on your phone.