Transfer files easily

Transfer files of any size quickly and easily. Control file access with business-grade security. Back up everything with more space.

Transfer files of any size, quickly and easily

Dropbox Business is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transfer files - to anyone, at any time. There are no file type restrictions, no operating system requirements, and no size limits. Even recipients who don't use Dropbox can download the file instantly, no signups or installations needed. Transferring the smallest Word doc is as easy as sending gigabytes of hi-def video - just send a link and you're done.

Sync files across devices at lightning speed

With industry-leading sync that’s both lightning fast and incredibly reliable, Dropbox Business is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transfer files across devices. A combination of Delta, LAN, and streaming sync means all your files and folders are instantly updated across all your devices, and files in shared folders are automatically updated for all team members who have that folder. Staying on the same page has never been easier.

Transfer files securely while maintaining control

Sharing doesn't have to mean giving up control. You can add an extra layer of protection by setting passwords and expirations on shared links, to fully control who sees what and for how long. And if your team collaborates through shared folders, sharing permissions let you determine who's allowed to edit files and who can only view them. Regardless of what permissions you add, you can rest assured that your files are always secure with strong cipher encryption in transit and at rest.

Boost productivity with the tool that works the way you do

See how much more productive your team can be when they don’t have to worry about how to share information. With support for virtually any device, operating system, and platform, Dropbox Business seamlessly works the way your team does — it just plugs into their existing setup and workflows. And with hundreds of thousands of app integrations, Dropbox Business amplifies the services your team already uses.

Get business-grade security with minimal management

Unlike on-premise solutions, there are no servers to set up or maintain — so you can take advantage of our scalable and secure infrastructure while keeping control of your data. And unlike other cloud-based solutions, a simple but powerful admin console makes managing your team a breeze. Audit logs give you additional visibility into team activities, and authentication features like single sign-on (SSO) support and two-step verification help you ensure your team’s files are always safe and secure.

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