Turn your remote work into teamwork

Dropbox Business is designed to get your team on the same page. Our shared workspace enables everyone to work together seamlessly, so they can be productive wherever they are.

Turn your remote work into teamwork

Do more with Dropbox Business

Share a secure workspace and boost productivity

Get more value from your tools as your teams work remote

Find solutions to work from home productively without disrupting workflows

One space for everything

Searching for files, emailing feedback, and trying to keep everyone in sync can be hard. Dropbox Business gives your team one secure space where they can store, edit, comment, and track without disrupting their workflows.

Simplify your workflow

One space for everything

Bring remote workers together

With the entire office working remotely, distributed work has gone to a whole new level. To work effectively in this new world, your team needs to get more value from the tools that keep them connected.

Set your team up for success

Bring the team back together

"As we have grown as a business, we have naturally expanded around the world. It means projects involve people, partnerships, and even shared ventures from wildly different locations (...). We have tried a variety of tools to solve this disconnect, but nothing has stuck and had the level of impact of Dropbox Paper."

Peter Jensen, Head of Digital Innovation, Moleskine

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Dropbox Business Team Collaboration

Welcome to your new office

Despite the challenges of working from home, many employees find it more focused and flexible. Some even see it as an opportunity to improve the way they collaborate.

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Welcome to your new office

Bring work together with Dropbox Business

Be organized

Create, store, and share content from Google Docs, Microsoft 365, and Dropbox Paper alongside PowerPoint decks and PDFs—so you can tackle your team's work efficiently.

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Stay focused

Personalized content suggestions help your team spend less time searching and more time focused on their work.

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Get in sync

Keep your team on the same page by connecting the tools you use every day—like Slack and Zoom—to keep projects moving forward without leaving Dropbox.

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