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Webinar series: Under the hood with Dropbox Business

An inside look at how Dropbox builds products that help users get their best work done.

Here at Dropbox, we take your work seriously. That’s why we build products that help you get your best work done. Now, for the first time, we’re giving you an inside look at how customer feedback and user research are helping us take the work out of work.

Watch our three-part webinar series to hear how we build easy-to-use products for:

  • Part 1: Mobile work. How do we design a mobile app that lets people get real work done on the go—without creating an expectation of round-the-clock responsiveness? Hear the research behind our latest mobile app and insights on the future of mobile work.
  • Part 2: Previewing files. You might not always have the right software needed to open and view your files. At Dropbox we solved this problem for our users with a best-in-class previews platform. Even if you work with massive design and media files, we’ve got you covered. Hear how Dropbox previews unblock your workflows and keep your team flowing.
  • Part 3: Coordinating work. The nature of teamwork is changing. Increasingly, coordination is a part of everyone’s job. That’s why we built Dropbox Paper, a collaborative workspace that brings collaboration and coordination together. Learn how we approach the work of managing work with some of Paper’s newest features. 

Top businesses run on Dropbox
Dropbox Business simplifies your work, with a central place to access and share files. Learn why Dropbox is the collaboration tool of choice for top companies by visiting

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