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Pitch Deck Templates & Step-by-Step Guide

No two pitch decks are alike (or should they be), but through our research we’ve found that there are clear patterns in the format, content, and slide order of the many decks that founders use to tell their unique stories and successfully raise funding.

This step-by-step guide with downloadable pitch deck templates (Google Slides & PPT formats) provide founders with actionable, section-by-section advice on how to craft their pitch deck at the pre-seed and seed stage. Read below about what's included when you hit get it now.

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What's included in this guide and pitch deck template?

Step-by-step pitch deck guide
This report provides actionable, section-by-section advice to early-stage founders and explains how decks should evolve from the pre-seed to seed stage.
Pre-seed pitch deck template
Download our Google Slides and/or .PPT pitch deck template to put these learnings into action and create your pre-seed pitch deck.
Seed pitch deck template
It includes the slide order of successful seed pitch decks, the number of sections, the number of slides, and actionable tips to follow.