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DocSend's complimentary investor report template makes proactive communication with investors fast, simple, and secure.

Use this comprehensive investor report template to quickly inform investors of company performance, upcoming growth plans, and how their money is being used.

DocSend enables you to send regular investor reports via a single, secure link so you can easily track investor engagement with your deck.

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Keep communication proactive and transparent with DocSend’s easy-to-use investor report template.

Centralize company KPIs and updates with ease
Share your investor report with a single, secure DocSend link that provides instant visibility into critical metrics, financial performance, and upcoming growth plans.
Protect sensitive information with DocSend's advanced security features
Never worry about your company’s private information getting into the wrong hands.
Access real-time insights into how viewers are engaging with your documents
Collect in-depth analytics to track who has opened your links, which links have been forwarded, and average completion percentage within your deck.