Research Report

The pre-seed round in 2022-23: From FOMO to JOMO: VCs shift from rapid growth to long-term risk aversion

For the fourth year in a row, DocSend is reporting on trends in pre-seed fundraising. Our 2022-2023 report shows that risk aversion is driving VC funding decisions, meaning that founders need to sharpen their storytelling and demonstrate traction to instill confidence in VCs to stand out. Further, fundraising successes vary due to geographic and demographic factors. 

Get the 24-page report, plus our past 4 years of research and insights from investors and founders. 

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A few of our key findings

Pick Deck Scrutiny
The financials section had the fourth-longest viewing time of any pre-seed deck section
Deck length
40% of pre-seed teams that got funded had decks shorter than average
Investor Outreach
Getting funded required contacting 71 investors on average