Research Report

The pre-seed round in 2021-22: Adapting the pitch deck for a new market

Faster deck views, longer fundraising times: The pre-seed round has grown increasingly competitive in recent years, with more new businesses than ever being formed in 2021.

For the third year in a row, DocSend is reporting on trends in pre-seed fundraising. Our 2021-22 report shows that clarity and succinctness have become prime currency in pre-seed pitch decks. Further, fundraising successes vary due to geographic and demographic factors.

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A few of our key findings

# of fundraising meetings
Getting funded took an average of 49 meetings.
Pitch deck scrutiny
The company purpose section now has the third-longest viewing time of any pre-seed deck section.
Fundraising outcomes
All-female teams slightly outraised all-male teams, by just about 4%.