How to manage your team's storage space with Smart Sync

A person using smart-sync on their laptop

If you manage IT for a team, you know how much of a mixed blessing new tools and features can be. Sure, new task management software might help you stay organised, but your team still has to learn how the application works. Yes, a new file management system could increase team productivity, but you need to understand all the features, then teach everyone else.

You’ve already got enough on your plate as it is. That’s why we designed Smart Sync to work the way you already work, in the places your team is already comfortable. Here’s how Smart Sync frees up space for your team, without the usual headaches of learning a new feature.

1. Get your team’s gigabytes back

Suppose your team members have filled their personal hard drives to the brim. They know they can move files off their computers and onto another device or into a cloud service, but it’s a manual process that interrupts their daily flow. And juggling files is starting to become a pain.

Smart Sync helps eliminate this manual process. The moment you activate Smart Sync – which is an early access feature for Dropbox Business customers – your team is free to mark files or folders for online-only storage with just a couple clicks. Each team member can reclaim gigabytes of hard drive space, at their own pace, whenever they see fit. Best of all, Smart Sync requires no extra management or storage organisation from you, the admin. You just have to turn it on.

2. Forget extra trainings or new workflows

Your team members want more space and less storage distractions, but otherwise, they’re happy with the way they work now. They say they’re willing to put up with the nuisance as long as they don’t have to change their current workflow.

Smart Sync is happy to oblige. Designed to work right from your team members’ desktops, Smart Sync is built on top of the way the team’s files are already organised. There are no new folders, no new workflows, no separate windows required to free up space. With Smart Sync activated, your team’s files will appear exactly as they normally do, in the same File Explorer or Finder windows they already use.

3. Don’t worry about on-site management or software updates

Once you’ve got a storage system your team likes, you’re usually still on the hook for on-site management and keeping everybody’s machines up to date. If you’re using an in-house solution, that might mean more frequent trips to the server room or a sign out sheet for physical equipment. Even with cloud-based tools, you’ll often have to force software updates just to make sure everyone’s device is compatible with the latest solution.

Smart Sync avoids all these issues. Instead of moving docs between servers or escorting files with a USB stick, storage management is as simple as marking files right from your desktop. And because Smart Sync is designed to work on both macOS and Windows – even on several older operating systems – it can work for your team today, regardless of how up to date your team members’ machines happen to be.

If you’re already a Dropbox Business customer, you can sign up for early access to try Smart Sync today. Not signed up yet? You can try Dropbox Business free for 30 days.

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