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Create the ultimate sales video

Want to improve engagement on your sales proposal by 56%? Easy – add a video. With Dropbox and DocSend, you can record, send and track video pitches, personalised demos and more. 
Four people work over a table with a clipboard, sticky notes and notebooks.

The challenge

Win more customers with video

Have you noticed that more and more business happens over a screen? Putting your pitch or proposal on video is an easy and powerful way to generate new leads, drive engagement and close deals fast.

Text and images describe the content from this article, including stats from using videos in sales, different situations videos can be used for and how Dropbox Capture and DocSend can help.
Consider this: 

A great sales video can supercharge growth. And with the potent combination of Dropbox and DocSend, it’s never been easier or simpler to create and distribute the video, track and analyse metrics, and finalise deals with legally binding signatures all in one spot. It’s time to sell.

Sales videos fit into four buckets:

Video type What is it? What does it do?
1. The pitch The best general sales pitch for your product. (Think: the highlight reel!)  Catch a prospect’s attention and send them down the funnel.
2. The deal overview A look at the details – what’s in the deal? Help paint a picture of what they’re buying.
3. The personalised demo A tailor-made tour of the product and cool features. Appeal to the specific needs of a prospect.
4. The Q+A Your chance to ease any concerns. Offer solutions, solutions, solutions.

Where do you start?

Think KISS. You want to ’Keep It Short and Simple’. Sales pitches that get the job done are specific and focused, and the same goes for video. Intro the sale, hit the highlights (like product features, the financial benefits and challenges overcome) and encourage them to take the next step.

A woman looks at a man’s laptop while the man points at his laptop screen.


A custom experience

With Dropbox Capture, it’s simple to record a clip that’s tailored to the customer. Demonstrate a feature that is difficult to explain, highlight how to solve a specific challenge or voiceover a sales presentation. Then you can send the video on its own or include it as part of a larger package. Either way, it’s a transformational tool to spark their interest or steer the conversation.




Dropbox Capture makes it easy

  • Explain a tricky concept without all the back-and-forth over email. 
  • Share a recording of your screen so they can see how it’s done.
  • Voiceover screenshots to add clarity. 

In the Dropbox Capture product, a woman clicks on the Screen recording and camera button, selects a section of her screen, clicks the record button and begins her recording.

Score X-ray vision into video reach

With DocSend, you and your team can see the impact of your video and a prospect’s behaviour in real time. 

Find out who is watching the video, and for how long. Discover where they drop off, what links they clicked or whether or not they forwarded it along. It’s all available in an easy-to-read customer analytics report. From there, you can adjust and tweak your video for better performance and more strategic negotiations.



How it works

1. A link to the sales video is sent to client with DocSend’s ‘send and track’ feature.


2. Once the client receives the link, you’ll know if they watched the video (once, twice or more!) or shared it with others.


3. You dig into the analytics and adjust your strategy. 

A flowchart that shows how a sales pitch video can be sent, viewed and help with business growth.

Close the deal

A great sales video is key to prioritising prospects and closing more deals. (In other words, you leave less money on the table.) Once the hard work of selling is done, it’s time to sign: take advantage of the eSignature workflow built into Dropbox and DocSend. You can convert any file into a signable document, and then send the same file to all parties involved.


Drive more sales volume with Dropbox Capture and DocSend

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