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Case study

eSignatures propel teams forward

See how creative agency Collier.Simon uses Dropbox Sign + Dropbox to quickly capture signatures for contracts and onboarding docs – leaving the team with more time and energy to wow clients.

Employees work on laptops in an office setting

How Collier.Simon uses Dropbox Sign + Dropbox

  • Streamlining signatures and organisation for key documents
    Dropbox Sign allows Collier.Simon to rapidly obtain eSignatures on a wide variety of documents, from new hire paperwork to new client contracts, among many others.

  • Saving time with eSignatures right where they work
    Collier.Simon is able to quickly send large files for signature without leaving their Dropbox workflow, which saves time and keeps all documents organised.

  • All their files, all in one place
    Using Dropbox Sign allows Collier.Simon to manage their eSignature workflow where they manage all other files, from creative reviews to final deliveries.


Key Results

  • Faster hires and more efficient employee onboarding
  • Saved hundreds of hours on file sharing and document workflows
  • Signed SOWs and initiated projects faster

Company profile

  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in Los Angeles
  • Delivers marketing and advertising creative for brands all over the world

The challenge

A deep dive with Collier.Simon

In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, finding ways to streamline processes is critical to unlocking more time and resources for what matters most – making great work. This is magnified in talent acquisition and onboarding, as well as client SOWs, contracts and agreements.

With remote work continuing to be a reality, agencies have an expanded pool of talent to hire from. But they also face even more competition. So creating a fast, efficient way to identify, hire and onboard new people becomes paramount.  

The same challenge applies to contracting new clients and new projects – agencies can’t let administrative tasks and paperwork slow them down.

Collier.Simon, like many growing agencies, has seen an increase in the variety of documents that need to be sent, signed and stored, as well as the number of people involved in the process. As such, they needed a solution that allowed their process to keep the fast-paced momentum that their clients expect, even with more players and complexities involved. It was critical for them to find an easy-to-use eSignature tool that also provided a simple way to keep a growing number of documents organised and orderly.

Collier.Simon on working with Dropbox Sign + Dropbox
The amount of time HelloSign [now Dropbox Sign] and Dropbox have saved our company is incredible. We’re able to free up hundreds of hours spent on paperwork and file management, allowing us to get creative done faster.
 Matt Seigel, President, Collier.Simon
 Portrait of Matt Seigel, President of Collier.Simon
‘The amount of time HelloSign and Dropbox have saved our company is incredible. We’re able to free up hundreds of hours spent on paperwork and file management, allowing us to get creative done faster.’ Matt Seigel, President, Collier.Simon

The solution

Streamlining signatures for speed and efficiency

As long-time Dropbox users, the team at Collier.Simon was naturally drawn to an eSignature solution that allowed them to maintain their current workflow of using Dropbox to share and collaborate on files and documents.

They explored other solutions, but found Dropbox Sign to be the most easy-to-use, which drove deeper adoption across the agency. Its seamless integration with Dropbox was also a huge factor in saving time and ensuring organisation of critical documents. Matt Seigel, President says:

“Now that we’re running everything on Dropbox and HelloSign [now Dropbox Sign], we spend a lot less time on administrative tasks and more time driving results for our clients.”

The results

Faster hires and more efficient employee onboarding

By using Dropbox Sign, Collier.Simon was able to speed up their time to signature significantly for offer letters and onboarding paperwork. In addition, the improved flow and organisation has made it easier to add more people to the hiring process while increasing the efficiency.

Time savings on collaboration means rapid speed to impact for clients

By using Dropbox and Dropbox Sign to manage and deliver all their files, Collier.Simon is able to kick off and deliver creative up to 20% faster, which gets the work into market more quickly, delivering a business impact faster for their clients. Rachael Erdmann, Managing Director says:

“Using Dropbox and HelloSign [now Dropbox Sign] allows us to manage our files and our documents in one place and that keeps us more organised and more efficient in our everyday processes.”

Getting SOWs signed faster and projects initiated sooner

At the pace of today’s market, deadlines don’t move even if there are delays in paperwork. Collier.Simon has been able to get client SOWs and MSAs signed faster, while projects are kicked off much sooner. All in all, paperwork logjam has become a thing of the past.

By using Dropbox and HelloSign [now Dropbox Sign] to manage and deliver all their files, Collier.Simon is able to kick off and deliver creative up to 20% faster.

The future

Collaboration without sacrifice

With a streamlined process in place, Collier.Simon can scale their teams and document workflows with the confidence that they can move faster without sacrificing quality or organisation. They are currently ramping up use of Dropbox Paper to collaborate more closely on document generation, and Dropbox Replay for video collaboration, affording them the same efficiencies they enjoy across their other Dropbox workflows.

Interested in seeing results like those of Collier.Simon?

Dropbox Sign is the easiest way to send, receive and manage legally binding eSignatures for business. Voted #1 for Ease of Use from G2, two years in a row, our eSignature solution can make your most important workflows faster, easier and more secure. Download the case study to find out more. Sign up for a free trial today to start digitising your business.

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