Angela Hartwick  a writer and director for Hartwick Creative remotely working on her MacBook

My Dropbox success story

How to find balance in a work-from-anywhere life

When they’re not traveling the globe producing film and photography projects, this creative couple lives and works off-grid in the Canadian wilderness. Thanks to technology, they can create and collaborate from their remote corner of the world.

Dropbox interface showing a list of synced accounts
The Dropbox desktop interface

Stay organised at home – and while you work from home

Whether it's keeping your passwords synced across all devices, backing up your computer or sharing important photos and documents with family, we’ve got the tools to keep your digital life running smoothly.
Animated screenshot of files being added to a transfer, password being set, notifications activated, transfer being sent and notification of transfer being downloaded in Dropbox Transfer

Send large files to anyone with Dropbox Transfer

Deliver any file – video, photo collection, big presentation – as quickly and conveniently as email but without the pesky file size limits. Dropbox Transfer also lets you control access and be notified when your recipient downloads your file.

Tax season made easier

How using Dropbox to scan, upload and organise all your receipts, bills and forms can make filing your taxes less painful

How to turn your iPhone into a scanner

Your smartphone’s camera is great for taking pictures, but learn how adding a scanner app like Dropbox Scan lets you capture important paperwork with precision.

Woman scanning a document with her phone

How to turn a side hustle into a career: 5 key steps

Whether your passion is photography, design, writing or video, you can make money doing what you love. Just follow these key tactics first.

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