A photo saved in Dropbox of great great grandparents

Connect with family

How Dropbox helped save precious family photos

Find out how memories and mementos in a dusty old suitcase led a recent university graduate down a path of rediscovering her Mexican heritage.

Dropbox interface showing a list of synced accounts
The Dropbox desktop interface

Stay organised at home – and while you work from home

Whether it's keeping your passwords synced across all devices, backing up your computer or sharing important photos and documents with family, we’ve got the tools to keep your digital life running smoothly.
Dropbox user drags and drops images into a Team Images folder and sets a naming convention for all files.
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Break down silos with a single source of truth

Multiple versions of the same information can unknowingly keep your team in the dark. A single organised source of truth keeps everyone in the know and makes it easy to coordinate and share.

How a Dropbox employee keeps memories of his late grandfather alive

From old photos and voicemails to hand-written letters and cards, Dropbox Design Manager Paolo Ertreo is creating a digital treasure trove full of family inspiration. See how he’s saving and organising his most cherished memories with Dropbox.

Adult Paolo with Grandpa

Gather important documents and people in one organised place

A Dropbox Family plan is one place to digitise, share and protect your online filing cabinet. Each personal account is completely private and secure but with one plan, one bill and 2,000 GB of storage for up to six people. Learn how everyone can get access to the shared Family Room folder for easy group sharing and coordination for photos, videos, IDs, records or whatever your family needs.

Leather sofa and 6 icon pictures of a family with a Dropbox Family logo

Photo organisation made easier

It’s time to get organised, even if your photo album seems too far gone. Dropbox can guide you through digitising, streamlining and even automating your photo collection.

Someone takes a photo of three people with their mobile device

How to turn your iPhone into a scanner

We all have that drawer stuffed with financial docs, handwritten notes and more. Get organised and take your space back. Learn how Dropbox can protect your physical paperwork by capturing and digitising important documents on the spot.

Woman scanning a document with her phone

How information architecture can help your distributed team

Your file system, communication channels, messaging and tools are a few facets of information architecture. Learn how to use it and get straight to the point when your team needs to get work done.

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For all things worth organising

Learn about Dropbox features