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How Dropbox helps this hard seltzer brand sparkle

Big Country Organic Brewing Co. has made a real splash in Austin, Texas – and relies on Dropbox Replay and Dropbox Capture to keep its social media effervescent.

Big Country Organic Brewing Co. relies on Dropbox products to keep its social media effervescent

Bubbling away in their home town of Austin, Texas, Big Country Organic Brewing is proud to be unique: They manufacture their hard seltzers in the Lone Star State’s only organic brewery.

Big Country has taken full advantage of Austin’s vast supply of creatives, employing four different marketing firms to bring their outdoorsy brand to life. One of those firms includes long-time Dropbox users at Faceplant, a local social creative agency.

Because they’re working with so many partners, the Big Country team needs to keep all their conversations and materials in one place – and never be working on different versions of campaigns, videos or social media assets. That’s where Dropbox shines, making collaborating as seamless as possible within sales, production and marketing. We help keep the ideas flowing as effervescently as the seltzer.

Here’s how Big Country and Faceplant share, create and communicate faster and more easily thanks to Dropbox products.

One-stop shopping

CJ Vinson and Chloe Cerami in the Faceplant office

Big Country can access everything they’ve received from Faceplant in Dropbox. “We keep all of our deliverables in a Dropbox folder for each client,” said Cj Vinson, Faceplant co-founder and creative director. “It streamlines the process of going through the archives, and they like that they have access to everything that we’ve given to them.”

Everyone is on the same page

Mixing up versions of files can haunt even the most organised team. Thanks to Dropbox, everyone can easily track down relevant files without a lot of back-and-forth. As Chloe Cerami, Faceplant co-owner and creative director, explained, “We know someone on our team made notes on version three because it’s in Dropbox, the notes are right there, and now we can address that in version four. It makes everything more streamlined.”

Async but still in sync

cellphone in a hand

Vinson appreciates the efficiency of Dropbox cloud storage. Having relied upon hard drives at a previous agency, “It was always finding out who had the hard drive, then someone else would have the redundancy hard drive, and they made edits, so now the two hard drives weren’t the same, and we had to mirror them,” he said. Additionally, his hybrid team loves that they can access files whether they’re in the office or working remotely. 

Make a point faster using video memos

Dropbox Capture on a screen

Cerami and Vinson find it quick and easy to correspond with clients by recording a video on Dropbox Capture, a video screenshot tool that allows them to add video context to an image or video.

“I can film a one- or two-minute video, and Capture saves me so much time,” Cerami said. “Email can get really confusing, but I can bring up, say, an Illustrator file and show the designer exactly what I want them to edit – and they always have that video to reference.”

Capture has also helped Cerami and Vinson cut down on meetings. Instead of trying to find a time that works for everyone, they share their ideas in a video the client can watch at their convenience and show other decision-makers. “It’s extraordinary how much time it saves,” Vinson said. 

Dropbox Replay is a one-stop wonder

Cerami and Vinson are big fans of Dropbox Replay. They like being able to leave notes on the timeline, approve the cut or mark for revision and quickly check which version they’re seeing, all on the same screen. It streamlines feedback and approval, too. “Being able to add all those notes and approve everything right in Replay is fantastic,” said Vinson.

Their clients notice when work just gets easier thanks to one suite of smart products. As Bill Gillies, founder and CEO of Big Country, said, “It’s so nice to lean on Dropbox to help take us to the next level.”

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