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Mary Ashley Krogh and Owen Chikazawa, the creatives behind Bound for Nowhere, hold their cat while they stand in front of their 1985 camper
Teams at work

Employees want choice in 2022. Here’s how to offer it.

We now know for certain—giving your team control over when and where they work is the secret sauce to productive, collaborative employees (and key to recruiting top talent). But how do you build that perfect flexible model? Our new survey of 2,000 business leaders across the globe has answers.

An illustration of a team of people on a web conference call

Introducing our Virtual First Toolkit

Distributed work brings all-new challenges. Here’s a set of simple, hands-on exercises to help you tackle them—whether you’re learning to set better boundaries or reconnect with teammates.

A woman switches on a light by her home office desk
Customer success story

Building a business from the beach with Aquabumps

Seamless backups and collaboration liberated Aquabumps from IT headaches so they could grow from beloved sunrise photography into a lifestyle brand.

Six people on the Aquabumps team in the art gallery
A person working on a tablet from a plane shows how work is becoming flexible
Cut out of an interactive dashboard in Dropbox Paper showing users’ profiles

The future of work is flexible

Massive shifts in society are rapidly changing the way people work. Distributed teams, diverse time-zones and new ways of collaboration are calling for a more flexible future.
Empower distributed teams

How to lead your remote sales team to success

Learn how to identify the top challenges for remote teams, along with tools and strategies to propel your sales reps’ success.

An illustration of a remote sales worker
Webinar series

Business as unusual

Enabling teams to work remotely is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a business necessity. Learn how leaders in different organizations have successfully approached the transition.

A person sits at their home office desk and types on their computer

Discover a better way to work together.

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